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Swinford WI Community Planting

Posted: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 21:26 by Katherine Clarke

Swinford WI Community Planting

This year each W.I. across the country has been tasked with completing a Community Challenge. After a lot of discussion, the ladies of Swinford W.I. decided that they would set to and complete the planting of daffodil bulbs in the grass verge adjacent to the Cemetery along Rugby Road. The final decision was made after a Parish Councillor was reported to have said that it was a shame that the bulbs finished where they did along the verge. The bulbs were duly ordered. On Monday 18th September 2017 8 members of Swinford W.I. arrived outside the Cemetery "armed" with trowels, spades, bulb planters and forks. Some ladies even remembered their gloves!! One or two of our members hoped they could remember where the bulbs finished and the new ones needed to be dug in!!! We all duly set to and within an hour our task was completed and two sacks of bulbs were planted. Which just proves the point that "many hands make light work", although, the soil was a real challenge in some places!!! We all left for home in good spirits hoping that the community of Swinford will be able to enjoy our labours beginning next Spring and also secure in the knowledge that we have completed our challenge for this year.

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