Swinford Parish Council

Serving the people of Swinford

Clerk: Katherine Clarke
The Old Stables, Fir Tree
Lane, Swinford, Leics LE17 6BH

Tel: 01788 869 007


2020 Season

The urban grass cutting of the verges around Swinford ia undertaken by Leicestershire County Council. The link below takes you to the grass cutting information available on the Leicestershire County Council website:

Leicestershire County Council - Grass Cutting Information

2021 Season

There has been significant interest from parishioners regarding the creation of urban wildflower verges on some of the areas that are currently cut by Leicestershire County Council. DUring the 2020 season, 12 parish councils are involved in a pilot scheme in conjunction with Leicestershire County Council to develop wildflower verges.

Swinford Parish Council is considering taking part in the project in the 2021 season. There will need to be parishioner support in order for the project to succeed. Below is a guide produced by Leicestershire County Council detailing the project and what is involved:

A map showing the areas that are currently cut by Leicestershire County Council is shown below, these are the areas that could be considered for wildflower verges:

The link below takes you to The Good Verge Guide - a different approach to managing our waysides and verges:

If you are interested in being part of the project or have any views you would like to be considered please contact the Parish Clerk.