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Clerk: Katherine Clarke
The Old Stables, Fir Tree
Lane, Swinford, Leics LE17 6BH

Tel: 01788 869 007

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Grant Application Form

Swinford Parish Council CIC (Windfarm) Grant Committee

Swinford Parish Council has delegated the assessment of grant claims to Swinford Parish Council CIC (Windfarm) Grant Committee. The Terms of Reference of the Committee were reviewed and revised by the Parish Council at their meeting on 2nd November 2021 and can be viewed by following the link below:

Fund Allocation 2013 - 2021

To review details of how the fund has been allocated since it began in 2013 please follow the link below:

Grant Schedule 2023


  • Application round 1 opens.

Application forms are available from Eight Parishes CIC or by downloading from this page. Applicants are encouraged to complete electronic applications and submit by email to clerk@swinfordparishcouncil.gov.uk. Paper copies of the form are available form the Parish Clerk.


  • Closing date for applications for round 1.

March 2023

  • Details of all applications will be published on the Parish Council website, parishioner comments are welcomed.

April 2023

  • The committee meets, makes preliminary assessments of claims and asks for any additional information from applicants if necessary.


  • All additional information to be provided to the committee

June 2023

  • The committee makes decision on which projects are to be recommended for funding and holds its formal meeting.
  • Successful applications will be ratified by full Parish Council.
  • Payments will be issued to successful applicants.

Details regarding Application Round 2 are under consideration.

2023: Application Round 1 - Applications Received

Swinford 2000:

1. Contribution to minibus replacement fund £1,500.00

2. Storage container £3,000.00

Swinford Village Hall Committee

1. Kitchen Cupboard £160.00

2. Roof Insulation £4,730.00

3. Additional Chairs £926.20

4. Electrical Switch & Heaters £1,276.60

Swinford WI

1. 100 Year Anniversary Bench £4,535.40